Give your writing the productivity push it deserves 

Want to combat procrastination, beat your writing blocks and be a more consistent writer?

This coming January, 16 writers will be offered places on our expert-led coaching program. 

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 An initial discovery call diagnoses your coaching needs and gives you a plan of action for the next three months.


Regular, one-to-one check-ins keep you focused, motivated and moving forwards with your writing.


Access to Prolifiko Digital - our mobile productivity platform - and expert library of tips keep you learning and improving. 

Why are places so limited?

Every coaching client receives intensive, one-to-one support from writing productivity experts Bec and Chris. Together, they have 20 years' of coaching experience and are the co-creators of Prolifiko's unique science-backed productivity method - tested on over 10,000 writers worldwide. 

Because productivity is personal

There's no one way for writers to beat their blocks - there are many. We help you find a system that works for you. We don't prescribe a set program because your needs are unique so we tailor our approach to your writing goals and requirements.

Experiment, learn and improve

We encourage you to experiment with different productivity techniques and give you access to our digital platform which enables you keep track of what works for you and reflect on your progress.

Get writing, invest in your future, start here

  • Full access to our mobile coaching platform Prolifiko Digital.
  • No obligation to continue after your first coaching call. 
  • Coaching that will transform how you write.

"I still can't quite believe that I've finished the first draft of my novel. Before I signed up for coaching, I'd been trying to finish for a very long time - years, in fact - so it feels surreal and amazing to have got there. I would thoroughly recommend the coaching programme to anyone wanting to get a writing project done."

- Jessica Harneyford, Prolifiko summer coaching cohort 2019

"Setting a short term goal, then creating actionable tasks in the coaching process made me accountable -  which kept me writing. But, the real prize in this method is Bec’s identification, as a writer, with the processes involved in producing a book, setting ‘easy wins’ made for easy gains. Empowering stuff".

- Gerri Frame, Prolifiko summer coaching cohort 2019

REMEMBER, we have just 16 places available starting January 2020.

Be the first in the queue when spots are released - sign up now. 

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